What I Offer

I make it easy for you to get back online WITHOUT sending you broke! My fixed fee is £70.00 and it covers everything except parts.

  • Travel time
  • No clock watching
  • YOU just pay for parts
  • No hidden costs


Hardware Repair

Is your computer running slowly or not at all? Do you need an expert to come to your home or business to get you back online? Call me for all types of hardware and peripheral repairs and let me take the worry out of your technology.

Software Installation

Upgrading existing or installing new software can be a nightmare and who has the time do it right. Instead of spending hours trying to fix software that wont load, run or behave in the way that it should give me a call to get it all running smoothly for you.

Internet Connection & Security

Are you having a problem connecting to the Internet? Maybe you cannot connect at all and are unable to find out why. Do you have security on your computer to make sure that nasty viruses and malware are not downloaded from the Internet? When was the last time that you scanned your system to make sure that it hasn't been infected? I can help you with all of your Internet interruptions, delays and security threats so all that you have to do is get back online.

Business Support

Are you confused about how to set up a network in your small but busy office? I can help you with networking your computer system and a whole lot more to ensure that your business runs smoothly and securely and you get to concentrate on business not technology.

No Waiting

Most problems can be fixed in an hour, via remote support. I log in to your computer over the internet. So you don’t have to worry about booking at time or taking your computer anywhere.

IT Solutions

You know what you need but with the huge variety of software and hardware on the market it is hard to know what is best for you……


My Quality Assurance

I have 25+ years in everything to do with technology. From working on single PC’s to a global networks. But I most enjoy helping home users with their computer problems. Whatever the problem I have the experience to be able to help.

The Fixed Fee

My price to fix your computer is £70.00. The fee stays the same whether I am working for two or four hours. Evenings and weekends are the same cost and if I am not able to fix your problem I won't charge you at all.

An All Rounder

As a lover of all things tech I can fix all types of computer software, hardware and peripherals. An expert at speaking "Geek" I will have your PC or Mac running purrfectly for your business or surfing pleasure as soon as possible. Let me take the hassle out of computer repair.

Parts Replacement

The only additional cost that you will incur with my service is for parts that need replacing to get you up and running again.

My Guarantee

All work is guaranteed for three months. And 1 year for parts.